Here's why sharing earphones is a bad idea!

Sharing earphones can lead to ear infections and more. Borrow your friend's at your own risk.

You must be doing this often. You forget your earphones at home and borrow it from your friend or your colleague to listen to that latest song. However, sharing earphones may be harmful. There can be quite some side effects of sharing earphones. If you are still willing to borrow your friend s earphones or share your own, read this first.

Sharing earphones can lead to infections and other problems

The ear wax is not just sticky and unpleasant, it is full of bacteria too. A study published in the Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences suggests that frequent use of earphone can increase the number of bacteria in ears [1]. Another study by ORL Head Neck Nursing proved that infection of the ear and chances of bacteria travelling from one person to another is very high if you share one. If you use earphones with a rubber or sponge cover, do change them once a month to lower your risk of infection. The ear buds cover the exit point of the wax, trapping the moisture and heat and making the bacteria thrive. The microbial flora in ears usually consists of pseudomonas and staphylococcus. So, when you share your friend s headphones, the bacteria could spread to your ear and lead to an infection. Plus, if you expose the staphylococcus to an open cut, you can suffer from severe skin infections. Here are things you should never do to your ears.

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Also, you keep your earphones in plenty of surfaces, so they have a lot of opportunities to pick up germs. Fungus, blackheads and spots could all pop up due to sharing your earphones. So, make sure that you clean your earphones from time to time. You should also stop sharing these 11 everyday things.


[1] Mukhopadhyay, Chiranjay, et al. "A comparative analysis of bacterial growth with earphone use." Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences 7.2 (2008).

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