Here's how you are harming your eyes by visiting an optician, and not an opthalmologist

Don't get your eyes tested by an optician or at computerised eye testing centre but by an ophthalmologist. Read to know the reason!

Recently, I met one of my friends, who said that she had got her eyes first checked when she was 7-years-old from an optician. And till date, she never visited an ophthalmologist or an eye specialist for an eye check-up. She is 23 now. This is one of the cases. There are many people who often only visit an optician to get their eyes tested, which is not the right thing. Wondering why? Keep reading.

Dr Sheetal Kishanpuria, Consultant Cataract Specialist , Sharp Sight Centre says, Most people tend to visit an optician and get their glasses through computerised testing. However, not many people know that computerised testing is not the only test that is carried out to test eyes. Also, an optician doesn t give you a clear idea about your eye condition or diagnose the cause, but simply prescribes glasses based on your vision problems. Did you know your eyes can reveal a lot about your health? Read this!

Here is a brief description about what an optician does and why you should visit an opthalmologist.

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Optician: An optician is specialised in fitting eye-glasses and making lenses, to correct vision problems. He does so by using prescriptions written by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. An optician can prescribe you glasses through computerised testing based on undilated AR (auto refractometer) readings. Also read about how to keep your eyes healthy at all ages.

Ophthalmologist: An ophthalmologist performs a complete eye examination right from checking for vision abnormalities to eye pressure and examining of the retina. Moreover, certain patients, especially children, require dilatation for accurate glass prescription, which can be done only in an eye hospital and not by an optician. Also, certain eye conditions like corneal scars and pediatric eye problems, auto refractometer readings are not reliable. In such cases, retinoscopy is the most preferred and accurate measure of power assessment, which can be done in an eye hospital. Here's more on eye tests and why you should visit an eye doctor regularly.

Hence, it is wise to visit an ophthalmologist for getting your eyes tested. And most important, a comprehensive eye examination is carried out at an eye hospital, which is not possible through a mere computerised testing.

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