Here's how to stop your stomach from growling

No more embarrassment during meetings.

That stomach growl which destroys the silence at a work meeting is nothing short of embarrassing. Even if you are not famished, it happens anyway. Fortunately, you can do a few things to stop your stomach from growling so loud. We got in touch with Dr Ninad Kakde to tell us what makes your stomach growl and what can you do to prevent it.

What makes your stomach growl?

When you do not eat for a while your intestines sweep away leftover debris. The rapid sweeping motion of the intestine also known as the migrating motor complex prepares your intestines for the next meal by pushing the air and liquid downstream. While you may associate the sound with being hungry, it hits you a little after you eat but not long enough for when you would be starving again. Sometimes you swallow a lot of air with your food which is normal. This air could be responsible for a little grumbling due to all the movement happening inside along with the semi-digested food.

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How can you prevent your stomach from growling?

The easy fix to the growling sound is to simply have a quick snack. Just a few bites of food can stop the internal sound. Water or any other liquid can also work but not as quickly as food. If you are a chronic stomach growler, keeping a few snacks handy and eating them a couple of hours before your next meal can always help. Here's why you should not exercise on an empty stomach.

Can pulling the stomach in stop the growling sound?

Never try to hold your breath or sucking in your gut as it may make the situation even worse.

Can stomach growling be dangerous?

While it is a completely normal phenomenon, see a doctor if the growl is accompanied by other symptoms like heartburn, nausea, excessive gas and constipation. Here are 10 healthy ways to control your appetite.

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