Here are simple tricks to relieve office stress that have worked for me!

Here's how I deal with stress. Read to know if these tricks work for you!

Working in an IT company or having a desk job equals stress. I (like most people out there) do get stressed. One thing that I have learned in my experience, that getting stressed doesn't solve your problems but worsens it. So the best thing is to manage it or come up with solutions to deal with it. Also read about ways to relieve stress naturally.

So if I am stressed and am on my way home, I prefer reading. So when I am travelling by train or a cab, I just start reading a book as it relaxes me and helps me to unwind from all the tension and stress at work on my way back home. Personally, I do not like to carry my work pressure and tension back home. Watching TV is what I prefer over anything to get rid of stress when I am at home. But there are times when you are at work or are under too much under pressure or don't have the motivation to finish your work, what do you do at such a time? Well, I listen to music. Here's more on tips to beat stress and concentrate better at work.

Yes, listening to music helps me to calm my nerves and gives me the boost to work. Depending on my mood, I either listen to rock songs or some soothing melodies as it helps me to relax my mind and body and improve my concentration. Moreover, listening to music does help me to cut down on the chaos happening in the office. So the next time you feel stressed or are unable to concentrate on your work, get on your headphones and start a song. You can feel the difference and the magic music does to your mind. This trick has always worked for me, especially when I have to complete my targets. If you are super stressed? Try these 12 things to fight panic and stay calm.

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