Today health tips: Boost your liver health if you have hepatitis

Globally, liver cancer cases diagnosed before the age of 30 years decreased from 17,381 in 1990 to 14,661 in 2017.

Hepatitis has become a common condition that affects millions across the world. Today, health tips from us will help you boost your liver health if you have hepatitis.

If you have hepatitis, you need to take extra care of your liver. Today health tips from us will help you with this. Diet is important for people with this condition. Even though, most doctors do not specify a particular diet for people with hepatitis, you must take certain precautions and care while planning g your diet. An unhealthy diet can increase your risk of liver damage. This is true even if you do not have hepatitis. But if you do, then the risk goes up considerably. So, keep away from high-calorie, greasy, fatty and sugary foods. This will also help you keep a control over your weight gain and reduce your risk of fatty liver, a condition that can reduce the effectiveness of drugs given for the hepatitis virus.

Besides a healthy diet, you also need to make certain other lifestyle modifications for a healthy liver if you have hepatitis. Follow our health tips of the day for a healthy liver.

Know what you must eat or avoid

Add a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Have whole grains like oats, brown rice, barley and quinoa. These are healthy with a high fibre content and lots of essential vitamins and minerals. Lean protein is also good. So, add fish, poultry, egg whites and beans to your diet. If you like dairy products, go in for the low-fat variety and heave healthy fats.

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But avoid saturated fats and sugary treats. Once in a while is fine, but don't have such foods regularly. Also follow a low sodium diet. And keep away from alcohol totally. But drink lots of water. This is essential for a healthy liver, especially if you have hepatitis.

Exercise regularly

This will boost your overall health. It will also help your body to absorb your medications in a more efficient manner. Moreover, regular exercise will make your immune system strong and reduce your risk of a fatty liver. Get in, at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Avoid supplements

If you want to take any dietary supplements, consult your doctor first. Many of these supplements may harm your liver. If you have hepatitis, this is dangerous. Instead of helping your liver, it may actually end up causing damage.

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