Tips for a healthy liver while tackling Hepatitis C

On World Hepatitis Day, here are tips to help you maintain a healthy liver if you are suffering from Hepatitis C.

World Hepatitis Day is here and while we talk about the various contributing factors leading to contraction of Hepatitis C, it is important that we know the ways of protecting our liver that feeds our body with the filtered blood coming out of the digestive track before it reaches the other parts. What if you get a handy tip kit to save your liver while battling with Hepatitis C? It is not that difficult and should be the most important thing on your priority list. All you need to do is avoid alcohol, maintain a healthy body weight and have safe sex. There are a couple more that can help you guard your liver. Follow them and have a healthy liver.

Stay away from alcohol:Alcohol is injurious to liver and it helps in aggravating liver disease, say experts. As no one knows how much of alcohol can damage your liver, it is wise to avoid it completely, specially when you are suffering from Hepatitis C.

Cut down your acitaminophen use: In case you are on painkillers with high acetaminophin content, it is time you reduce its use. Extensive use of acitaminophin can cause havoc to your liver, although the chance of damage is low if your liver is already damaged.

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Talk to your doctor before taking in medical supplements: Some drugs that are metabolised by liver can cause immense harm to the organ, especially when you already have Hepatitis C. So, you need to be careful before consuming any medical supplements and do consult your doctor before you take any.

Have a good diet and exercise for maintaining healthy weight:Avoid being over-weight as that may lead to building up of fat in the liver, leading to insulin resistance or liver damage due to fibrosis or scarring of liver. Exercise daily and have nutrient rich foods like fruits, veggies and wholegrains by controlling your calorie intake.

Have coffee: Studies have shown that those patients with Hepatitis C who have drank more coffee are at lesser chance of damaging their liver with minimal disease progression.

Discus about sex: Risk of Hepatitis C transmission through sex is minimal and patients with chronic Hepatitis C can have normal sex. There is no chance of further damage to your liver if you have sex with a single partner. Using a barrier protection is suggested if you have multiple partners.

Go for regular checkups: For chronic Hepatitis C, you will need to schedule regular appointments with your doctor to monitor disease progression. Do not skip checkups as these are the ways by which you can keep a tab on your liver's health.

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