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Heart Attack And COVID-19: Understanding The Deadly Connection Between The Two

Heart Attack And COVID-19: Understanding The Deadly Connection Between The Two

Can a respiratory system-attacking virus-like COVID lead to heart attacks? Let's understand the connection between the two from the experts.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Published : December 12, 2022 11:56 AM IST

The increasing number of heart attacks in India has become a major concern for health experts in the country. In the last couple of days several cases of deaths due to sudden heart attacks, and cardiac arrests have been reported from various corners of the country. At this time, what is bothering everyone is what is the root cause of such a massive spike in heart attack cases. According to some reports, a spike in heart attacks is happening due to the COVID-19 virus infection.

What is the relation between the two? In simpler terms, the COVID-19 virus targets the lungs and other respiratory organs of the body after infecting an individual. The effect is also seen in the heart, brain, and kidneys. Studies have confirmed that inflammation in the heart vessels, leading to life-threatening blood clotting is one of the wreaking side effects of COVID-19 virus infection. But is this what is causing this surge in heart attack cases in the country? Let's find out!

The Deadly Connection Between Heart Attack And COVID-19 reached out to experts and doctors to understand the deadly connection between heart attacks and COVID-19 virus infection. Speaking to us, Dr. Abhijit Joshi- Consultant and Head of the Department Cardiology, Manipal Hospital, Baner, Pune, said that the COVID-19 virus is having an affinity towards cardiac muscle and this disturbs the normal blood clotting mechanism in the body.

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He further explained that during the covid pandemic, it was observed that patients who were not diabetic or hypertensive became borderline diabetic and hypertensive. Since coronary artery disease remains without symptoms for a long time and if the patient suffers covid then they may present with acute heart attack, which needs immediate intervention like angioplasty. "The heart attacks during the covid period were more complicated due to late presentation to the hospital as well as nonresponse to routine medication. 5) Many episodes of lung blood vessel clotting (pulmonary embolism) were seen and were potentially life-threatening," Dr. Joshi told

Patients who have already suffered covid infection whether mild or severe must take aspirin tablets for at least one year after covid infection. The strict control of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol helps in preventing heart-related complications. Regular follow-ups with the physician and periodical blood tests like lipid profile, HBA1C, ECG, eco cardiography, and stress test are advisable. For a good heart, a healthy lifestyle and healthy food are the best medicines.

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