Healthy skin tip: Here's how to prevent a ringworm infection from spreading

Ringworm can be extremely contagious. So, follow these tips to prevent the spread of the infection and keep your skin healthy.

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Once you are infected with ringworm, it can very easy to pass it along. If you suffer from the infection and you don t take care you can easily pass the parasite to anything you touch. The fungus can spread via skin-to-skin contact, clothes and even surfaces. Dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah advocates taking these basic steps to prevent the spread of ringworm infection.

  • If you have suffered from ringworm, keep the area around the infection dry and clean. Always keep the skin affected with the fungus covered with a bandage as the ooze and germs can spread to other areas of the skin. Also, ensure that you change the bandage and clean your hands after dressing.
  • After a shower, ensure that you dry your body thoroughly. The fungi breed in warm and moist areas like the areas between your toes and under your breasts. So keep these areas as dry as possible.
  • Wear loose clothes and breathable fabrics. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes so that your clothes do not rub your skin and irritate it. Try to wear polyester and cotton clothes as much as possible. You can also try using neem for treating fungal infections.
  • Ringworm can be pretty itchy but keep your hands away from scratching. Scratching could break the skin tissue and spread the infection around your fingers and in your body.
  • If you suffer from athlete's foot, treat it immediately as the fungi from your feet can spread to your body and give you ringworm again.
  • Keep your living spaces like your bathrooms, floor and counter table clean and dry to prevent the infection from spreading. If you know of someone with ringworm who has used the area, disinfect the area with anti-fungal wash and bleach. When you are at the gym, wear sandals and flip-flops to protect your feet from the fungus that may be present on the floor of the locker room. To know whether you have ringworm or any other skin condition, here are picture of 10 common skin conditions.

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