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Healthy Home Tip: How to dry your clothes this monsoon

With the monsoons here it is tough to dry clothes completely. Here are a few great tips on drying your clothes completely this monsoon.

Written by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : June 10, 2015 11:18 AM IST

drying clothesWith the rains beating down incessantly this monsoon, washing and drying wet clothes often takes an inordinately long time. What most of us tend to do during these long wet spells is to dry clothes inside the house. While one or two garments drying indoors is alright, a whole bucket load of wet, dripping clothes is definitely not good for your health. Not only do wet clothes increase the humidity in the air inside the house, but they also make your house a perfect host for fungus, moulds and other infectious organisms. Moreover, closed spaces with high humidity levels can lead to upper respiratory tract infections like sinusitis, allergies and even pneumonia in young children. So here are some things you can do to dry your clothes well this monsoon.

Use hangers to dry your clothes: This is a great way to dry your clothes fast. All you need to do is place the clothes on a hanger, as you would while hanging the garment in your cupboard. Now place the hanger on your cloth line. This helps the clothes dry faster as they are spread out and come into greater contact with the breeze.

Let them drip dry first: If you do dry your clothes indoors, let the clothes drip dry in the bathroom first. This way they will be partially dry before you bring them into the room. Now place them on hangers and allow them to dry under the fan. Also, ensure that you keep the windows open so that there is a constant flow of fresh air. If you use a washing machine with a dryer function in it, run your clothes through the drying cycle twice before you take them out. This will help your clothes dry faster.

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Beat the smell naturally: If you are worried about your clothes getting a musty smell due to them being wet for long periods of time, while drying them in the room, light some dhoop in the corner. Make sure you don't do this anywhere near the clothes. The fumes will help dry the clothes and give them a lovely fragrance.

Keep the moisture levels in the room low: Another great way to keep the moisture levels low within a room with clothes drying in it, is to place a sack of sea salt or unrefined salt in the corner of the room. The salt absorbs the moisture in the room, reducing the risk of mould and fungus taking hold in your home.

Finally, during the hours that the sun actually does come out, make sure you keep all your windows and doors open. This will allow sunlight to enter your home and disinfect it (UV is a natural disinfectant).

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