Healthy Home Tip #5: Clean your microwave organically

Here is a cheap, organic and safe way to clean your microwave.

natural ways to clean your microwaveThe microwave is one appliance has made cooking and reheating food very easy. But when the walls of the machine get splattered with food that leave behind a foul odour the commodity quickly becomes unsanitary. While the rotting food -- in most cases -- cannot harbour many disease causing organism (since the heat generated by the microwave is so high that it kills off any bacteria) but the smell and old food falling onto your freshly cooked meal (when you are heating it in the microwave) could be bad for your health. Apart from that, food left in the microwave while it is not in use can attract cockroaches and lead to the formation of fungus. While there are are a number of chemical agents that can be used to clean the inner walls of your microwave, there is a natural and more efficient way to go about this.

Here's how:

All you need is one lemon and some water. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze out the juice into the bowl of water (you can choose to use hot water if the stains within your microwave are stubborn). Add the rind of the lemon to the water as well and place it in the microwave. Do not cover the vessel. Now run the microwave on the heating mode for about five minutes. You will see the inner walls of the microwave become moist.

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Run the microwave for five minutes and then open the door two minutes later. Be careful when you open the door of your microwave, so that you don't get scalded by the steam. Now remove the bowl and the plate in the centre of the microwave. Wash the plate as you would a normal dish. To clean the walls of the microwave, take a soft piece of cloth or tissue and wipe off the food residue.

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