Healthy heart tip #21-- Practise Veerabhadrasana

Can't go for a jog because of heart disease? Practise this yoga pose!

Exercising when suffering from heart disease is a tricky business. Exercising is beneficial to keep your heart healthy. It helps strengthen the heart muscles improving blood circulation, but heart disease also limits the type of exercises you can do. You really don't want to stress your heart out. In some cases running on the treadmill or even a jog may not be recommended. In such cases, you can try low intensity yoga asanas. It requires you to focus on breathing and it improves the functioning of the body.

One yoga asana that benefits the heart tremendously is Veerabhadrasana or the warrior pose. This pose helps in relieving stress and keeps your heart rate in check. It is also known to have a calming effect on the mind helping one relax. However, if you have heart disease already, make sure you perform yoga under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher. One rule of thumb while doing yoga with heart disease is to avoid doing yoga asanas that force your heart to pump blood against gravity as in the case of head stands. Read about the asanas you should avoid if you are suffering from heart disease.

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