5 healthcare apps to help you if you have patients at home

5 healthcare apps to help you if you have patients at home

5 healthcare apps you need if you have a patient at home.

Written by Palak Juneja |Published : July 18, 2016 2:19 PM IST

Haven't you noticed that people recover faster when at home, as opposed to in a hospital? At home, the patient feels more at ease and the care from the family helps in a speedy recovery. Happiness of being at home is another key to a healthy recovery. However, many times it becomes necesarry to have professional assistance when you are recovering from a diseases or treatment. If you are looking for healthcare services at home, here are the options you can explore:

  1. Portea- Healthcare services provider Portea medical launched an app to take care of the healthcare needs of a patient at home. Portea provides trusted doctors, nursing services, physiotherapy professionals, diagnostic services and assistance for other medical needs at your place of convenience.
  2. Visit- This app brings quality medicines to your doorstep. It has the most credible and qualified doctors listed, along with complete privacy promised for patients. The most favoured feature of this app is Q which allows you to consult a doctor via instant messaging. If you seek quality medical care, then read this to become a VIP patient.
  1. Diabetes in Check- This app is useful for patients who wish to keep a check on their sugar levels. This app has helpful features like barcode scanners and meal planners. It also provides a positive feedback from certified diabetes educators on how to lower their blood sugar.
  2. Heycare- If you keep forgetting about taking your medicines on time then this is the app you need to download today. This app allows you to set reminders for your pills and medicines and get your baby vaccinated on time too.
  3. Glucose Companion- This app allows the patients to keep a track of their blood sugar level and weight. The app also allows you to create reminders to monitor your glucose level.

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