Health Tech: Best depression apps of 2020

Health Tech: Best depression apps of 2020
Depression is a serious medical condition which often leads to poor physical health and severe emotional pain.

One advantage of using a mobile app for tackling depressive symptoms is that it doesn't require traveling or appointments.

Written by Longjam Dineshwori |Updated : March 11, 2020 12:49 PM IST

One out of 20 people in the world suffer from depression, which can be as debilitating as a heart disease or HIV/AIDS. Depression is a serious medical condition which often leads to poor physical health and severe emotional pain, affecting a person's wellbeing.

The symptoms of depression may vary for different people. It could be deep depression, loneliness, grief, or extreme stress. But all people need a helping hand while deal with these symptoms. Some may go for therapy, or medication, or a combination of both. But many are also using mobile apps for tackling depressive symptoms.

The advantages of using a health app is that you don't require traveling or appointments. If you're looking for digital help to manage your mental health, here are the best depression apps of 2020 to pick from.

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It will enable you to assess your mental health and explore suitable professional treatments. Moodpath will weigh your emotional well-being over a series of 14 days, asking you in-the-moment questions. The depression app facilitates conversations with a professional. Also, it offers you more than 150 exercises and tools to work on your mental health.


This depression app offers a platform for people who are going through depression to connect and share their problems. This means like group therapy; it offers community support. Having a caring community of like-minded people to talk openly about depression can help you feel a little less lonely.


When you're dealing with depression, your moods may fluctuate often. Daylio can help you identify this change earlier so that you can make the adjustments you need. This is PIN-protected app and allows you to detail your daily activities and moods using graphics. The app then provides stats and trends, helping you understand your mood better. It also reminds you to keep up with your tracking and journaling activity.


This is your AI assistant for managing depression. Your digital assistant may help you better understand your thought patterns and behaviours. Based on your responses, the app also suggests techniques you may need at the moment. Following the chat, it will summarize your conversations and interactions providing insights about your emotional well-being.