Diabetes FAQ: How should I manage my blood sugar level during Diwali?

Want to eat all you want and still keep your blood sugar in check this Diwali? Here are expert tips on how to do just that.

Diwali is here and with the festival of lights come all the yummy food, sweets and celebration. While everyone is happy to celebrate the festival of lights, this is often a difficult time for diabetics, who have to be especially careful when eating sweets. But it doesn't have to be like that anymore. If you suffer from diabetes and wish that you could just celebrate the festival without fretting, here's exactly what you need.

We spoke to Dr Balaji J Mohan, Consultant Diabetologist, Apollo Sugar, Bangalore, who gives you tips on how you can celebrate Diwali without diabetes ruining it for you.

Opt for sweets with natural sweeteners: Traditional sweets made during Diwali are often laden with sugar, which can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. To side-step that hurdle, opt for sweets made with natural sweeteners like dates or figs (anjeer). Rich in calcium and a good source of fiber, anjeer is nutritious and safe for diabetics, just like dates. What's more, eating sweets made from natural sweetener is healthy and does not cause a spike in sugar levels as compared to traditional sweets. Here are some low-clorie, healthy dessert recepies.

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Cook in a healthy way: You can still enjoy the delicious sweetmeats and savouries made during Diwali; all you have to do is simply make a few changes to the recipe. Simple changes like air frying instead of deep frying can help lower the number of calories you consume. Apart from that it also reduces the amount of trans-fats and can help you manage your diabetes better.

Plan your meals well: Planning your meals well can go a long way in keeping you healthy and your blood sugar level in check. A light snack like a bowl of soup or salad before you go out for dinner helps you avoid overeating. Apart from that, eating small meals like fruits at regular intervals can also help maintain your sugar level and prevent binge eating.You should also choose your food options wisely and control the portion size in order to avoid fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day as water helps keep you hydrated and keeps your digestive system working optimally. You may also like to read about this meal plan that can help keep your blood sugar in control.

Avoid or control your alcohol intake: Festivals are a time for celebration and consuming alcohol is synonymous with celebration. Drinking alcohol can increase calorie intake. Alcohol does not allow the carbohydrate to break down, which can lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), hence diabetics are more at risk. Controlling your alcohol intake is very important to maintain blood sugar levels. Here's why drinking alcohol is bad for you if you are a diabetic.

Don t skip your daily workout: Any form of exercise is essential for staying healthy, especially for diabetics. But it is quite common to see people skip this routine in lieu of the festivities. Despite all the temptation to simply kick back and relax after a night of partying, it is best you don't let laziness get the best of you. All the calorie laden food affects your sugar levels and exercise can help thwart that fluctuation. You may also like to read about how exercise is great for your health.

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