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Fool-proof hacks to take care of your eyes

Limit your usage of electronic gadgets to keep your vision intact. © Shutterstock

Dr Rohinton Vevai, Senior Consultant Ophthalmology, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield, tells you how to protect your eyes.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : October 26, 2018 11:17 AM IST

Most of the eye problems occur while performing daily routine activities at home like cleaning, mowing, repairing, as well as cooking. "It is often seen that people become complacent and forget to take proper precautions while going about their daily tasks. Eye problems, whether minor or major, should never be neglected," says Dr Rohinton Vevai, Senior Consultant Ophthalmology, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield, who also lists out few eye care tips.

Excessive use of mobile phones and computers contribute to the deteriorating eyesight in youngsters. These electronic devices emit blue light that adversely affects the retina of our eyes. Some researchers also believe that the exposure of our eyes to the blue light is linked with eye problems like cataract. Hence, excessive use of mobile and computers should be avoided.

Tips to protect your eyes

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  • Wearing protective eye goggles while working helps you to protect your eyes from dust and other particles, chemical splashes and flying objects.
  • Wash your hands before touching your eyes. Or else it can cause infection.
  • Keep tools and other hazardous objects out of reach of children so that they do not get accidentally affected by them.
  • Using a shield and other protective measures while cooking will help you to protect your eyes.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes as it can be painful.
  • Consult your expert if you feel any burning sensation, itching and so on. Don't self-medicate and use over-the-counter products without your expert's advise.
  • Limit your usage of electronic gadgets and rest your eyes.
  • Eat foods like carrots which can help your eyes to stay in top shape.

Remember: Don't neglect your eye health. In case, you notice any problems just visit your expert.

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