8 first aid steps you should take in case of a heart attack

Would you know what to do in case your loved one suffers a heart attack? Well, here are expert tips that can help you save someone's life.

A heart attack is a serious condition where the arteries supplying blood to your heart is unable to do so because of a blockage or other complications. Quickly becoming a common occurrence with even people in their 20s and 30s suffering from the condition, a person may suffer a heart attack without any warning signs. In this post, our expert Dr Vijay Surase tells you exactly what you need to do to help the person who might be suffering from a heart attack before you can take him/her to a hospital for treatment.

What should you do when someone has a heart attack?

Dr Surase says, ' If a person is having chest pain, even if there s a chance that he might not be suffering from a heart attack, he deserves the benefit of doubt. The first step is to help the patient relax. Loosen their clothes and open the windows. Next pop a tablet of aspirin into their mouth. Don t give it to them with water. Ask them to chew it instead. If that s not possible crush the tablet in a little water and give it to them. Another medicine you can use is sorbitrate. Place the tablet under the patient's tongue. You can give up to three sorbitrates in five minutes. Both aspirin and sorbitrate have anti-coagulant properties and help dissolve blood clots. However DO NOT GIVE sorbitrate to people who have low blood pressure or/and are sweating profusely.'

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Apart from that, according to Dr Surase, you shouldn t let them lie down flat. Ask them to either recline on a sofa or sit upright. Another thing you can do is ask them to cough out. This helps force air into their lungs.

Also, a heart attack victim should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible -- at least within one hour (also known as the 'golden hour'). Since, during a heart attack, a person's heart stops pumping blood it can damage the person's organs. Like a stroke, a heart attack has a golden period during which recovery is faster.

Quick tips for heart attack patients

  • Never neglect a person with chest pain
  • Make the person sit in a slightly reclined position
  • Move the person to a more ventilated area
  • Administer aspirin or sorbitrate
  • If person is sweating profusely or pulse is low do not administer sorbitrate
  • Ask the person to cough
  • Seek immediate medical attention
  • A person suffering from a heart attack should receive medical care within one hour.

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