Fighting jaundice: Surprising home remedies for your ailing liver

Easily available healthy herbs and veggies like neem and spinach could prove to be miraculously effective in controlling liver conditions like jaundice.

Yellowing of skin and eyes, known as jaundice in the medical fraternity, is triggered by elevated levels of bilirubin, a byproduct of red blood cells. It occurs usually due to an underlying illness of the liver such as cirrhosis or hepatitis. Hepatitis happens to be the most common cause of jaundice. There is no nutritionist-prescribed diet to bring down your escalated bilirubin levels, but including healthy herbs in your meal that promote liver function may be effective in controlling it.

Here are 8 home remedies one should try to manage jaundice better.

Neem: It destroys the toxins generated in the liver with its anti-viral properties. To get the best result from these leaves, crush them to make juice, add honey and have it early in the morning on an empty stomach. Continue this for almost for a week for a remedial effect on jaundice.

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Sugarcane: It smoothens the functioning of your digestive system and strengthens your liver. Thus your bilirubin levels are kept in check. Fresh sugarcane juice made at home can be very good for this ailment.

Tomato: It lowers the risk of liver ailments as it contains lycopene (a naturally occurring chemical which gives fruits and vegetables a red colour). It is also a powerful antioxidant. Drink one glass of tomato juice in the morning, adding salt and pepper to it.

Lemon: Rich in vitamin C, lemon has anti-inflammatory properties. It protects the liver cells from damage and unblocks the bile ducts. So it is considered to be one of the most effective and easy home remedies for jaundice.

Spinach: The fibre content of this leafy green is very high which strengthens liver and helps its cells to regenerate. If you are suffering from jaundice or any other liver condition, drinking a glass of spinach juice is recommended. Add chopped carrots with the juice.

Radish Leaves: Being a detoxifying agent, this veggie removes the excess bilirubin produced in the course of jaundice. Gulp down a glass of fresh juice made with this vegetable every day after your doc has diagnosed this condition.

Barley Water: Barley is known for its diuretic and antioxidant properties. Both help in taking toxins and excess bilirubin out of your body. Mix a teaspoon of roasted barley seeds with a glass of water and add honey to the mixture. Drink it every day.

Papaya Leaves: Papaya leaves eliminate toxins from the bloodstream and help your liver function normally. Moreover, they are potential sources of enzymes like papain and chymopapain which boost your digestive health and helps to cure conditions like jaundice. Make a paste of the papaya leaves, add honey and eat this regularly.

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