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Fight cholesterol with this simple anti-cholesterol shake

Written by Admin |Updated : July 22, 2014 4:01 PM IST

Anti-cholesterol shakeHigh cholesterol is one of the most rampant health problems among the urban population today. The hectic lifestyles with no time to exercise and lots of junk food, coupled improper sleep patterns is making the problem worse. You've done your lipid profile, your doc orders you to get some exercise, eat some healthy food. What next?

A combination of orange, papaya and banana blended together to make a filling drink that beats cholesterol! This unusual combination of fruits is rich in potassium, vitamin C and fibre. Banana is an excellent source of potassium, the deficiency of which is associated with the change in the normal pattern of the heartbeat. This shake satiates the hunger pangs while keeping the building up of cholesterol levels at all time low.

Makes 2 small glasses (300 ml)

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  • 1 medium sized orange, separated into segments
  • 1/4 medium sized papaya, cut into pieces
  • 1 banana, cut into pieces
  • Crushed ice, to serve

If you'd like to use a juicer:

  1. Juice all the ingredients except bananas.
  2. Blend the bananas to a pur e in a blender and add to the juice.
  3. Add some crushed ice in 2 glasses and pour the juice over it. Serve immediately.

If you'd like to use a mixer/blender:

  1. Blend all the ingredients using little water (if required) till smooth.
  2. Strain the juice using a strainer or a muslin cloth.
  3. Add some crushed ice in 2 glasses and pour the juice over it. Serve immediately.
Nutrient values per glass




Vitamin C




13.3 gm

58 kcal


45.4 mg

1.0 gm

52.2 mg

0.8 gm


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