Feeling gassy? Have ajwain

This Ayurvedic herb has multiple benefits for stomach problems.

Ajwain or ajowan is an Indian herb which has multiple health benefits. This tiny-sized herb is especially good for beating stomach-related problems such as an upset stomach, digestion problems and flatulence. It is in fact called the digestive medicine for its effectiveness. Ajwain has thymol which helps relieve gastronomical ailments as it is a germicide. Ajwain is also a carminative which means it prevents the formation of gas and even helps in relieving it to combat flatulence. In order to reap in its benefits when you feel gassy, make this concoction and drink it after your meals. Also read the other health benefits of ajwain.


  • Take about 2g of ajwain either in seed or powder form.
  • Add it to 125g of curd. Also add some black pepper to taste.
  • Mix well and drink it post meals.

This will help in better digestion and also prevent you from feeling gassy. Here are some more remedies to relieve flatulence.

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Secrets of Indian Herbs for Good Health by Acharya Balkrishna

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