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7 faqs on male breast or man boobs reduction answered by an expert

Changing your diet and exercising the chest muscles can help get rid of man boobs.

Dr Viral Desai, Celebrity Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, DHI & CPLSS, answers some faqs on the same.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : March 15, 2018 10:09 AM IST

Breasts definitely shape a woman's beauty but when they start growing on a man's chest instead they are an utter embarrassment. No man likes the sight of a pair of breast dangling from their chest. But sometimes with all the right things done exercise, diet, weight loss the fat might refuse to budge and male breasts can just stay put. This is why many men who have this problem opt to go under the knife to get rid of the awkwardness. Here Dr Viral Desai, Celebrity Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, DHI & CPLSS, answers some faqs on the same.

What is male breast reduction surgery?

The male breast reduction surgery or procedure reduces abnormally-enlarged, female-like breasts in men through the procedure of liposuction and/or cutting out excess glandular tissue. Due to hormonal reasons or hereditary tendencies, more or excess of fat deposits on the male chest, many young men develop female-like breasts.

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What is the aim of this procedure?

The goal of this procedure is to give men smaller breasts that are in proportion with the rest of his body. Breast reduction is usually performed for physical relief as also for cosmetic improvement. Young men suffering from this condition are emotionally and psychologically very disturbed by this condition. It can become a cause of embarrassment for them too. Young males suffering from this condition often isolate themselves socially. They avoid going to beaches or swimming. They wear loose oversized clothes to hide this condition.

How does the procedure work?

Excess Fat and glandular tissues are removed to create a chest that is flatter and firmer, contributing to a more masculine contour.

How often should men go for this treatment?

This depends upon how much tissue is accumulated in the area and how many sittings will one need. Around 7-10 percent of the males suffer from this condition usually around 5-7 surgeries are scheduled in a month to give them a flatter chest.

Can male breast reduction surgery be combined with any other cosmetic treatments? If yes, then what are the benefits?

A major trend in the last few years is for patients to have more than one operation at the same time. This reduces cost and you only have one period of recovery and pain. Except in rare cases, this does not significantly increase the risks of surgery. It is commonly done with fat removal from stomach, sides, back, axilla, double chin etc. It is also commonly done with body lift procedures.

Are there any side-effects of this treatment?

Risks include infection, fluid accumulations, injury to the skin, rippling or bagginess of skin, and asymmetry. These are extremely rare. If done in proper hands the risk is negligible.

What is the time taken for the surgery?

The procedure lasts for over an hour and the patient can return to work in about 2-3 days. It is a day care surgery and the patient returns home the same day.

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