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Expert dietary recommendations for people suffering from adenoids

Often referred to as tonsil enlargement, people suffering from adenoids must follow some strict dietary recommendations.

Written by Mansi Kohli |Updated : February 11, 2017 11:07 AM IST

Adenoid enlargement is a condition that is quite common among young children. Often referred to as tonsil enlargement, adenoid is often not considered as a serious condition, but when once occurred it can lead to obstructive sleep problems, food allergies, bleeding in the throat and excessive pain and inflammation. Dr. Jasmeet K. Wadhwa, Consultant Paediatric, Pulmonologist, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, New Delhi helps in identifying foods that might irritate your child s throat or can even cause damage to throat tissue.

Understanding adenoids and its associated risks

Adenoids are lymphoid tissue situated at back of palate. They are normal structure or lymphoid tissue that protects against diseases. When there is viral or bacterial infection or allergy, they can swell and can cause blockage of the respiratory tract because of that the child has snoring, nasal block and repeated upper respiratory infections. It becomes a chronic problem if there is repeated exposure to allergen or viral infection and causes symptoms of upper airway obstruction. Read more about 7 home remedies for enlarged adenoids and tonsils in children

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A problem that majorly occurs amongst the toddlers or pre-schoolers, adenoid enlargement might lead to sleep-disordered breathing, snoring, or obstructive sleep apnea. One can witness real problems in chewing, swallowing, or articulation. Adenoids might also interfere with speech development. Your child s throat culture might grow a pathogen if taken during viral illness may not grow any organism. Most often the culture grows commensals or normal throat organism. Very rarely it is positive with the organism casing severe bacterial infection. Read here Is your child suffering from sleep, hearing or behavioural problems? Tonsils and adenoids could be the cause

Dietary recommendations for adenoids

  • When adenoids get surgically removed, there are wounds left in the delicate throat tissue. Hence, in order to speed up the wound healing, it is recommended to consume liquids and soft foods. Begin a diet rich in coconut water, apple juice, water, broth and flavoured drink mix soon after surgery. Avoid extremely hot liquids and allow your children to get into a habit of taking small and frequent sips of liquid to keep dehydration at bay.
  • Foods consumed should be a form of balanced diet rich in carbohydrate, fats and proteins. Give your child a limited quantity of soft foods variety, such as mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cream soups, yoghurt and cooked cereal. A combination of liquids and soft foods should form the basis of your child s balanced diet.
  • Citrus juices or buttermilk may or may not cause allergic symptoms. If the patient is allergic to citrus items, they can cause sore throat, pain or difficulty in swallowing.
  • Junk food and spicy items can cause allergic reaction because of preservative items, such as oil or condiments. This can cause sore throat, rhinitis, irritation of throat, cough in few patients, further aggravating throat problems post adenoids.
  • Those children who are already having symptoms of recurrent cold or cough, avoid foods and snacks that are hard and crunchy such as chips, hard breads, and nuts as they can aggravate allergic symptoms by causing irritation of throat or cough.

Home remedies for adenoids

Popular home remedies for enlarged tonsils and adenoids are as follows

  • Mix together seasonal veggies, such as beetroots, cucumber and carrots in a blender. Top it with a dash of lime juice and give this healthy juice to your kid. This will help in boosting your child s immunity, while keeping them infection free.
  • Honey is known for its ace anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and its daily consumption can help in treating the symptom of adenoids such as swelling and pain.
  • Adding a pinch of black pepper with turmeric powder to a glass of boiling hot milk helps in keeping swelling at bay while reliving your child from congestion.
  • It is also known that herbs such as sage and Echinacea are great for reducing inflammation while boosting body s immunity that prevent recurring infections.
  • A concoction of fresh ginger and honey when mixed with two teaspoons of warm water is also helpful.

Soon after the surgery of adenoids, make sure that your child isn t popping in aspirin or medicines. Discourage your child from blowing his nose constantly and do not let your child gargle too hard. Here are Natural remedies for tonsillitis

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