Exercise, eat right and be disciplined if you want to avoid stress

Having people in your life that support you and help you unwind from a long day at work or school will go a long way in helping you relax and de-stress. © Shutterstock

Stress is a debilitating condition that can have serious adverse effect on mental and physical health. But it can also be easily managed with lifestyle changes.

Stress is a common affliction today and millions around the world are a victim to this condition. Some people are better at handling it than others. Many people stay stressed without doing anything to reduce its burden. This is unfortunate because it can have a harmful impact on your physical and mental health. It affects your mood, causes depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Besides, it also increases your risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure. It can lead to unhealthy habits that can cause obesity and even diabetes.

A study at the Carnegie Mellon University, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, says that stress can wreak havoc on the mind and body. For example, psychological stress can increase the risk of depression, heart disease and infectious diseases. Researchers found that chronic psychological stress is associated with the body losing its ability to regulate the inflammatory response. The research shows for the first time that the effects of psychological stress on the body's ability to regulate inflammation can promote the development and progression of serious diseases.

It's difficult to imagine a world without stress, but there are some ways we can fix it. Don't let this unnecessary feeling take over your health and mood and take control of your life.

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While stress is a part of life, there are ways we can combat this feeling and improve stress management to protect our overall health starting now.

Maintain a regular workout routine

Exercise is a great way to help you let go of all day-to-day tension and stress you might be surrounding yourself with. While the endorphin-boosting effects of exercise will leave you in a better mood, being able to release negative energy and channel your stress in something else will also contribute to better stress management in the future.

Surround yourself with a support system

Having people in your life that support you and help you unwind from a long day at work or school will go a long way in helping you relax and de-stress. Knowing that you can be yourself and talk to your friends and family about anything can boost your mental well-being and can also leave you with helpful advice when you need it.

Eat regular and healthy meals

Eating regular and healthy meals during the day can contribute to reducing stress and may even help you avoid it. Load up on fruits and veggies and avoid eating junk food when you are feeling emotional. This way you can maintain your healthy weight and not feel extra guilty for eating empty calories just because you're stressed out.

Establish a night time routine

Avoid rushing your night time routine only to crash into bed. Practice being mindful of your routine to help you unwind and relax from the long and stressful day. A good recommendation is to take an Epsom salt bath at night to promote relaxation and help you sleep easy. It is important that you get ample hours of sleep, preferably eight hours, in order to perform better and combat stress.

Make time for activities you enjoy

You need time to focus on yourself. Make you a priority and take the time to engage in the activities that bring you joy. Whether it's a yoga class or simply painting a calming picture, take the time during your day or week to do it. Being able to take a step back and do the things you love does a lot of good to your mental well-being, and therefore, helps you reduce a good amount of stress that you might be holding on to.

A Few Extra Helpful Tips

Manage your time

Accept what you cannot change

Keep your goals and expectations realistic

Try to be more tolerant and forgiving

Stop comparing yourself to others

Have fun!

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