Eucalyptus oil -- a natural anti fungal remedy for nail fungus

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Eucalyptus oil works effectively when applied topically to the toenail fungus.

Winters are not only known for a cough and cold and low immunity levels but also for an increased risk of infections. And one such skin problem other than eczema and dry skin that is common during this cold weather is nail fungus. It is during the cold and humid climate of winters that most people are at risk of suffering from fungal infections. The damp conditions along with warm climate acts as a perfect breeding condition for the fungal growth. Nail fungus, known as onychomycosis, is a type of fungal skin infection that affects the nails. It is mostly caused by the fungus that resides in the shoes, which trigger the growth when the condition turns favourable. However, the toenail fungus doesn't spread to other parts of the body, unlike other fungal infections. So if you are suffering from toenail fungus, here is an effective natural remedy that can help you to deal with it at home. Here's real people tell you what helped them to get rid of toenail fungus.

Eucalyptus oil for nail fungus

There are many essential oils that are used to treat toenail fungus. However, only a few seem to be effective and eucalyptus oil is one of it. According to a study [1] using undiluted eucalyptus oil as a topical antifungal agent helped to treat toenail fungus. The oil not only works quickly but also kills the fungus acting inside the nail bed and on the toenail as well. As the oil is soaked easily into the skin, it helps in clearing the infections inside the nailbed as well.

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How to use it?

Eucalyptus oil works effectively when applied topically to the toenail fungus. Moreover, it is easily available and comparatively cheaper than the antifungal medication. However, make sure you do not dilute the oil as it might decrease its efficacy as an antifungal remedy. Also read about dos and don ts to treat fungal skin infections.

Reference: Bramston, Cassandra, and Caroline Robinson. Is Eucalyptus Oil an Effective Antifungal Treatment for Onychomycosis with and without Nail Matrix Infection? Journal of Foot and Ankle Research 8.Suppl 2 (2015): P1. PMC. Web. 19 Jan. 2018.

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