Erectile Dysfunction

Impotency or erectile dysfunction seems to be the most serious problem afflicting Indian men. At least half of the sex-related questions deal with men who are suffering erection-related problems and it’s hard to pin down the exact reason for this epidemic. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, obesity-related diseases and stress are all taking a toll on our men. The problem is exacerbated by the prudish nature of our society. Most men wouldn’t dare go to a doctor to discuss the problem which leads to a lot of unhappiness and self-image issues among men. Here are 10 shocking facts about erectile dysfunction you didn't know.

The complications of hypertension mainly stem from thickening of the vessel walls, leading to reduced blood flow to different body parts. They can get narrowed leading to reduced blood supply to the penis, and hence can cause erectile dysfunction – an inability to maintain an erection while having sex. A healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants can improve the quality of your erections by increasing the blood flow to your penis. During sexual intercourse, don’t be obsessed about penetration and indulge in activities like kissing, mutual masturbation, among others.

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The inability to maintain an erection while having sex haunts men more than anything else. The various causes of ED but they can be broadly categorized under two categories -- physiological  or physical (pertaining to the body) and psychological (pertaining to the mind). Here is a mega-guide of male sexual problems.

Physiological Causes of ED

There are various things that we do to our body that can cause impotence. Some of the common causes include -

Here's why smoking is bad for your sex life.

Besides the aforementioned physical causes of ED there might be some psychological causes as well. These include -

  • Depression

  • Anxiety-related conditions

  • Other mental health problems

  • Drugs like anti-depressants

Here is a detailed information on 24 causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).


A complete  evaluation of ED will include a detailed history which includes sexual aspects, general health status and psychosocial history.

  • A detailed history

  • Physical examination

  • Penile Duplex ultrasound

  • NPTR monitoring

  • Dynamic infusion cavernosometry and cavernosography

  • Penile angiography

Here is detailed explanation on diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.


Prescription medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra all treat the condition. All three of these medications work the same way, by helping increase blood flow to the penis. The medications are taken a half hour before sex and the effects can last from 4 to 5 hours. However these drugs all have serious side-effects and it is important to talk to your doctor and discuss your entire medical history before taking any of these drugs. Read about can statins cure erectile dysfunction?

As a last resort, there is a surgical procedure which involves the implantation of a prosthetic device in the penis. A similar method is used in female-to-male sex change operations. Here are all your sex-related doubts answered by a sexologist.

ED due to psychological reasons can be overcome by visiting a psychiatrist who can help us get to the root of the problem. We usually find the notion outrageous, that we discuss our sex life with strangers, but professional help is the best way to deal with the condition. And lastly the best solution is the simplest – talk to your partner about it. Read about why are more and more young men getting erectile dysfunction?

Alternative Remedies

Unfortunately, Viagra is also known to have side-effects like headaches and painful erections. It is also  unsuitable for people with cardiovascular problems. This has led people to look for herbal alternatives that are less riskier. Though we do not endorse any of them, here is some information about each of them which may help you decide on your choice.


A herb used in Chinese medicine, ginseng has travelled across the world in the form of supplements. The compounds present in ginseng which help treat erectile dysfunction are known as ginsenosides.

Epimedium (Horny goat weed)

Found only in China, epimedium has around 50 species – and extracts from some of them are believed to have aphrodisiacal properties.

Saw palmetto

Even though, it’s efficacy as an impotence drug has not been established it is considered good for sexual health as an enlarged prostate or any urological ailment can seriously hamper a person’s desire and performance. Read about is my sexual libido on a break?


The herb works as a sexual stimulant by blocking alpha-2 andrenergic receptors and improving blood flow to the penis. Additionally, it helps in the production of the chemical norepinephrone which in turn helps in getting an erection.

Ginkgo bilboa

Growing only in some parts of China, ginkgo bilboa works as an aphrodisiac by improving blood circulation in your body. (Read: Is there a Viagra-like drug for women?)


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