Eat green vegetables and drink lots of water to ease period pain

Increasing the intake of fibre and calcium rich foods along with water consumption helps in relieving period pain.

Every time I experienced abdominal pain right before my periods, I was advised to increase my intake of leafy vegetables and cut down spicy food and pickles. And I always wondered how does it matter as I usually eat healthily? But not until, I had a conversation with Dr Nupur Gupta, Gynaecologist and obstetrician, Well Woman Clinic, Gurgaon, who explained why we need to increase the intake of green vegetables and drink loads of water to deal with menstrual pain. Here s the reason.

One of the key reasons for severe abdominal pain during periods is due to pelvic congestion, which alters the blood flow, thereby exerting pressure as the blood passes through the blood vessels and the uterus to the vagina. Moreover, if you drink less water during this time of the month, it further reduces blood flow, thereby worsening the pain. Although hormones also play a key role, keeping a tab on your dietary intake might go a long way in controlling the pain. Also, read about 10 things you should eat during periods to make life easier.

How does increasing the intake of green vegetables and water help?

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Green vegetables that are loaded with fibre, antioxidants and have high water content like cucumber, spinach or celery are the ones that must be included in the diet to deal with menstrual pain. These nutrients not only improve blood flow by increasing the hydration but also provide relief from water retention, thereby helping you beat bloating, which is common during periods. Some green vegetables like kale and broccoli are rich in calcium, which acts as a muscle relaxant and hence, eases menstrual cramps and pain. To make the most of these vegetables, eat them in the salad form or in the form of soup. If you are suffering from severe pain, use a hot compress as it acts as an effective natural remedy to beat pain during periods. Just like eating certain foods can help you fight menstrual pain, eating certain foods can worsen pain during periods. Here are six foods you should say 'NO' to if suffering from menstrual cramps.

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