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Ear tear -- treatment and ways to prevent it

Wondering when to consult a doctor or what to do if you have a ear tear? Here is the answer!

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Updated : October 10, 2016 10:41 AM IST

Dangling earrings and heavy earrings have been fashion trends since long. But just like high heels and other fashion trends, heavy earrings can lead to health issues -- ear tear. If the ear tear is small, it can heal on is own with time but what do you do if the ear tear is permanent or the ear has an elongated ear hole? So if you are wondering when to consult an ENT specialist and what to do about it, here's the answer. Our expert Dr Ashim Desai, Senior ENT Consultant, Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Mumbai tells you the treatment options available along with tips to prevent ear tear.

If you experience inflammation, pus or irritation of the ear tissue, then it is a sign that you should consult a doctor. In some cases, it might be difficult to treat the earlobe tear as the tissue is overstretched, when your ears are gauged. But thanks to the latest treatment process, surgeons can create a natural looking earlobe with surgery. Read about 7 expert tips to heal your newly pierced ears

In most cases, a small tear can heal with time. All you need to do is apply moisturiser on the affected area several times a day. This prevents the ear tear to become more stretched. Also, do not wear earrings during this period, usually takes 3- 4 weeks. If the tear is permanent or if the hole is too big to heal naturally, then consult a doctor as it can be treated with surgery. The earlobe repair is a simple surgery that is done using a local block to numb the earlobe. And to fill the hole, injectable fillers are used as this also helps in evening out the irregularities. In some cases, steroid injections are also recommended to combat chronic inflammation and prevent infection or pus formation in the area. Here is a tried and tested home remedy for post piercing infection

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As prevention is always better than cure, it is wise to follow these tips to prevent ear tear.

Avoid wearing heavy earrings as these might lead to a hole in the ear lobe which over time can lead to ear tear.

  • It is wise not to wear earrings as you put on clothes as there are high chances that the earrings might be stuck on the clothes or fabric, which can lead to ear tear if pulled hard.
  • Be extra careful, if you are dealing with babies or toddlers as they have a habit to clutch dangling earrings and play with it. This might lead to sudden tearing of the ear lobe.
  • Do not do re-piercing for a minimum of six months as it takes a minimum of six months for the scar to heal and reach its normal strength. Also, it is advised to place the new hole to the side of the scar and not in-line with it.

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