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Dr. Gokul Ratakonda


Dyslexia is a learning disability in children and adults that is characterized by difficulties in reading, writing, spelling words and pronunciation. 

Contrary to what the widespread belief is, the core indicator of dyslexia is not reversing letters; it is difficult in understanding a language’s sound. For example, problems in reading or spelling, problems with rhyming, etc. Phonological awareness is the ability to identify and repeat an individual sound that creates our language’s words. This ability forms the basis for reading and spelling.

People with dyslexia may also have difficulty in letters and word recall. Dyslexic individuals can also face challenges with motor skills such as holding a pen, organisational skills and everyday activities like hygiene. 

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Dyslexia never means low intelligence; in fact, people who have dyslexia can be very bright. Research shows that the brain of dyslexic individual works differently, which is not a bad thing at all! They possess good skills in areas other than spelling or reading.


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