Doctor's Day 2021: Honouring Frontline Heroes Who Risked Their Lives To Save Ours During The Covid Pandemic

National doctor's day is celebrated every year to honour doctors who dedicate their lives to serve the people. Let's hear from real-life heroes about their experiences during the Covid pandemic.

As 2020 was coming to a quieter-than-expected end, we all took a sigh of relief that the pandemic might be finally over. But before we could come to the consensus that the Covid-19 pandemic is slowly reaching its end, the second wave extended and shrunk our country in unimaginable ways. A few months later, and we are still stuck inside, vaccine hesitancy is there but what hasn't changed is the way frontline responders waged in the fight against the ferocious virus. From doctors to the pharmacy people, the fight against Covid-19 is dedicated to those who risked their lives in the service to their nation and its people.

On National Doctor's Day, we honour the doctors who dedicate their lives to serve the people. The day celebrates the contribution of doctors and physicians for their relentless service to humanity. This doctor day, let's know their side of the story and how they dealt with the unprecedented surge that upended our lives.

Honouring The Real Heroes On Doctor's Day 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone, even physicians who have risked their lives to save people's lives during the coronavirus pandemic. As individuals isolate themselves, doctors are continuously battling for the lives of sick patients without worrying about their own. Doctors have risen to the role of true superheroes, particularly during the epidemic. This article features some of the stories of these courageous doctors who shared their experiences and how they dealt with the unprecedented surge that shook the world.

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"My Parents Were Scared Because Of My Co-existence With Covid Positive Patients, and I Was Scared For Their Health And Well-being" - Dr Charu Dutt, Infectious Disease Specialist and Homecare expert at Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad

The past one and a half years have been a roller coaster ride for all the frontline workers across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way life used to be. There have been multiple times when we have put our duty as a doctor above the responsibility of a son. Leaving home at 7 AM every morning, not being able to touch parents' feet like before, reaching hospital and stop! Mask up! Walk in to realise that patients are many and time is little.

Cough, fever, and breathlessness became the sounds of my life, temporarily and in minutes, someone was on life support. The choked ER rooms and shortage of oxygen and hospital beds changed the perspective that even little things should not be taken for granted in life! There has been pressure from all fronts- physical, emotional, and mental. Burnout is real. I never thought that I would say "No" to these many people in my life which I did in the past few months. There were innumerable phone calls that went on requesting beds, oxygen, and life-saving drugs. But if we had, we would have extended our support to each one who asked for help! Many were helped and saved, many were disappointed, and I prayed every day that someone could help them! My home became my "sleep zone". There was a sense of fear in my parents' eyes every night when I used to enter my home. They were scared because of my co-existence with Covid-19 positive patients, and I was scared for their health and well-being.

As they say, "teamwork is dream work". With such awesome family support, a dedicated team of nurses and encouragement from the management, we are able to fight against the Covid pandemic.

"It Was Tough And Challenging" - Dr Vivek Shama, Clinical Cardiologist, Specialist- Preventive Cardiology & Infectious Diseases, Expert COVID-19 Care & Post COVID Lifestyle Management

Doctors like any other individuals too could not foresee the extent of the spread of the second wave of COVID-19. It was very tough & challenging, on the professional as well as personal front, to handle those rough times. I had to send my family back to my native town so that I could give my best to the people in need.

Apart from treating the patients physically, both my phones were ringing round the clock for not only medical consultations but also for the availability of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and lifesaving medicines for the near & dear ones. It was like mayhem that no one knew how it would come to an end. We had to make WhatsApp groups with our friends & volunteers to accommodate the requirement to save the lives of those who needed it the most. There was a constant fear of being infected & losing the people we know. COVID has taught us to stay distant physically but to have a strong emotional connection with each other. Yoga & meditation helped me in coming out from this mind frame in a much stronger way.

The Covid Impact Also Impacted Some Doctors Financially - Dr Praveen Kumar, Associate Director & Head, Department of Dental Care, Jaypee Hospital

I would say it was a very difficult time and we are facing such difficulties right now also. The Covid pandemic is not over yet. We have to be very cautious; we have to take all the precautions. Being a dentist, I have faced a lot of problems. Because of this, patients were not coming to us. Financially, it has had a major impact on us. Not only me but on every dentist because we have to see a lot of things that we have to manage. A lot of assistants are there, and lease is there. So, last year it was very difficult to handle everything with lockdown implemented. I think all the dentists are struggling because of the terror of the third wave. The ferocious coronavirus has impacted us in more ways than one:

  1. Financial impact
  2. Dentistry not covered under insurance
  3. People are not willing to spend money on dental care, which should be not neglected
  4. Rentals and manpower became cost difficult to manage
  5. Fear of covid

Whether financial or emotional or physical, doctors are facing issues while trying to do their best to save people across the country from this Covid-19 pandemic. The third wave is being spoken of, and people must understand that we should continue to practice precaution to help doctors and staff facing burnout issues.

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