Do you have stomach pain after sex? Know how to deal with it

Have you ever experienced stomach pain after sex? Read on to know why this happens and how it can be prevented.

Sex is an exercise, and, like any other exercise, it can cause cramps, tighten muscles and lead to dehydration. Stretching your muscles and lulling them to awkward positions are the causes of cramps both in a workout and in sex. Stomach pain after sex is common and is nothing to be concerned about. None of the reasons are life-threatening. Stomach pain during or after sex is medically termed dyspareunia. They can happen to both men and women. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 3 per cent to 18 per cent of the global population suffer from dyspareunia at least once in their lifetime.

Common cause of DYSPAREUNIA

As mentioned above, there are some common reasons why you may suffer from dyspareunia. But along with them, there are some more reasons that have come to light recently. Here, we discuss these reasons.

Emotional reaction to sex

Sex can bring out some emotional reactions which can, at times, surprise the person experiencing them. He or she may not even have realised that these feelings were bottled up inside them. Stress about sex and performance issues can cause your stomach muscles to tense up and this may cause stomach pain.

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Muscle activity during orgasm

Your pelvic muscles are used during an orgasm. Excessive contraction of the muscle spasms can cause pain in the stomach, lower abdomen and pelvis. These pains are common if you are pregnant, have ovarian cysts or have endometriosis. Pain after orgasm is medically referred to as dysorgasmia.

Acid-reflux caused by sex

During sex, the air in your vagina can get trapped in your anus, or vice vesa. This trapped air can cause pain in your upper abdomen or chest. Once you expel this air, the pain will reduce.

Practising deep penetration during sex

Deep thrusting during penetration can cause pain in your stomach. If you change your position or rest, this pain will decrease with time. Deep penetration can also affect your vagina and anus. Pain in those areas is a signal that you need to change your sexual practices.

You might have a bacterial infection

Sperm is not the only thing that can enter your body during an intercourse. Bacteria can also enter. These bacteria can enter your stomach and cause pain and irritation.

How to get rid of this pain

Mostly, this pain goes away with rest. But if it doesn't, you can try urinating. As you urinate, you remove the excess pressure that your bladder muscles are carrying. As the stress on those muscles decrease, the pain lessens. Peeing also helps in removing any bacteria that may be causing a stomach pain. You can also take a shower after sex. Cleaning yourself, will reduce the risk of an infection and relax your body. Take a mild pain killer. But, if the pain persists for more than a couple of days or causes fever above 100.4F, contact your doctor.

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