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Diwali 2018: Here's how festival sweets can affect your health

It's festival season, and in India, no celebration would be complete without sweets. Some are bought from sweet shops, while others are homemade. Even those trying to lose weight or are diabetic view the festive season as a time to indulge and enjoy some of the best traditional Indian desserts and sweets. But most people overlook that eating too many sweets can harm their health. Nowadays, everyone is more concerned about their health, especially the corona pandemic.

Most of us do get tempted to enjoy every bit of the festival of, including good food because festivals like Diwali are just celebrated only once a year. But all those so-called good foods may affect your health in more ways than one. We tell you how.

Written by Kristina Das |Updated : November 7, 2018 6:59 PM IST

Diwali is the occasion of lights and the celebrations of Diwali can never be perfect without lighting firecrackers. While adults get busy with preparations of sweets and other delicacies along with decorations and shopping for the occasion, kids discuss firecrackers. It is a festival in which various yummy sweets and dishes are being prepared. Most of us do get tempted to enjoy every part of the festival, including good food because festivals like Diwali are just celebrated only once a year. Now, we all know that consuming fried foods and sweets prepared during Diwali is unhealthy for us. However, we might not know how exactly they can affect our health. Here, we tell you how.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the most common side effects of consuming excess sweets during Diwali. Even if just for a couple of days if you consume a lot of sweets you could gain a few kilos, as sweets contain a high amount of ghee, sugar, butter, oil, etc. During festivals like Diwali the weight gained from consuming sweets can be very hard to shed. It might even months to get back in shape and with a lot of hard work.

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Affects Teeth

During Diwali consuming excess sweets can also affect your teeth negatively. The artificial sweeteners and sugar content present in most sweets can allow bacterial growth in your teeth, causing teeth, gum problems and cavities.

Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

Eating a lot of sugary foods and sweets could increase the risk of diabetes even if it is just for a few days. Especially if you have a family history of diabetes and if you are above the age of 40. Later on, sweets can affect the production of insulin in your body to cause diabetes.

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