6 fun facts you didn't know about the vagina!

Since the dawn of time civilisation has been very confused about the vagina. Here are six facts that every guy or girl should know.

Know your body -vaginaReproductive organs are the least discussed amongst all the parts in our body. Apart from the fact that they play an important role in intercourse and reproduction, everything else remains a mystery to quite a lot of people. In this article, we will explain some key facts about one such important part of the female reproductive system - the vagina.

female reproductive systemFact 1: You can't actually 'see' the vagina

Many people use the word vagina to describe the external opening of the female sexual organ. But, no matter what you believe, that's not the vagina. It's the vaginal opening. The vagina is a tube (3/4 inch in wide and 2-4 inches long) that connects the vaginal opening to the cervix. The part that you actually can see (clinically, known as the genitalia) is called the vulva. It comprises of the vaginal and urethral opening among other parts like labia majora, labia minora (as shown in the diagrammatic representation on the right hand side).

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Fact 2: The vagina is muscular and very sensitive

The vaginal opening as well as the vagina itself is highly muscular in nature due to the presence of muscular ridges that line it. That's why the vagina holds immense capacity to expand during intercourse as well as during child birth. Amazingly, the vagina has the capability to expand about 10 to 20 cm in length and 2.5 inches in width during intercourse.

Fact 3: Not every women has a hymen

A thin tissue we commonly associate with virginity, known as the hymen, is not present in all women. Some women don't have the structure at all, while for others it might break with strenuous exercise, hormonal activity and intercourse. Present about 1 to 2 cm inside the vagina, the hymen is a thin skin tissue that partly covers the vaginal opening. So, remember that having an intact hymen, bleeding during the first time you have sex, or any other hymen related belief are all subjective and does not happen with every woman.

Fact 4: The G-spot does exist:

Yes, it does. The G-spot is not a myth, and it can give a woman immense pleasure. Present on the front wall of the vagina (about half way up the vaginal opening), the g-spot is a slightly bumpy region that has a large number of nerve endings, that make it perfect to give a woman pleasure. Want to know more about the G-spot? We tell you all you need to know in -- does the G-spot really exists?

Fact 5: The size of a man's penis isn't proportional to pleasure

Size does not matter. Again, a common myth that people believe, but the size of a man's penis does not equal how much pleasure a woman can feel. This is because the vaginal opening is packed with nerve endings; even more than those present inside the vagina itself. These nerve endings are equally responsible for pain and pleasure. That's also a reason why women experience excruciating pain during the crowning phase during delivery and can experience a lot of pleasure during intercourse. Read more about penis size and if you should really worry.

Fact 6: A woman has an in-built lubricating system

Some women might complain of dryness in their vaginal opening and not being lubricated enough during intercourse. Well, the secret to good lubrication both during intercourse (when she is aroused) and in daily life, is the presence of special glands (called the Bartholin's glands) that help keep the area moist. These glands are also responsible for keeping a woman sufficiently moistened when she is sexually aroused. So, if you do feel like you suffer from a lack of lubrication, visit a doctor who can tell you exactly why you are suffering from the symptom.

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