Should Women Take Bath Daily While Having Menstruation?

Menstrual hygiene as if ignored can lead to infection of the reproductive tract, vaginal infection, which can even lead to infertility.

There are many myths related to menstruation in India, due to which women are discouraged from taking bath, cooking, worshiping, eating certain food during this time.

Can I take bath during periods?

A woman can and should take bath daily while having menstruation, says Dr. Ravinder Kaur Khurana, Senior Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology, QRG Super Speciality Hospital Faridabad.

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"It is very important for both working and non-working women to maintain menstrual hygiene as if ignored, it can lead to infection of the reproductive tract, vaginal infection, which can even lead to infertility," she adds.

For working women who have to go out for offices and public places, he suggests using hygienic, antibacterial sanitary pads available in the market and changing it every 6-8 hours according to the need.

Dos and don'ts while using sanitary pads

Dr. Khurana also shares a few things women should keep in mind while using sanitary pads. She advises:

  • Don't let the pad remain dry for long hours, this may lead to fungal infection and rashes in the private part and odourful discharge.
  • If non-working women are using cotton cloth pads, then this should be washed hygienically, sun dried as it sterilizes them and place them in dry clean areas to be reused.
  • Women should take a well-balanced diet during this time to cope with the menstrual cramps and other menstrual symptoms.

He also encourages women to try eco-friendly pads available in the market such as those made of bamboo, banana fiber which are easily decomposed.

Dr. Khurana adds, "Menstrual hygiene should be taught at the school level as a part of sex education. Various NGOs are working to educate more and more women and distributing sanitary pads free of cost. So, maintaining menstrual hygiene is of utmost significance so that women don't land up in problems of repeated infections and its consequences later in life."

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