International Women's Day: 5 healthy choices every woman should opt for

Make these right choices which will empower you even more

If you are a modern woman then it is time for a healthy change. On this International Women's Day make these right choices which will empower you even more.

Women have been unstoppable. With changing times, they have established themselves in every field. Today is International Women's Day which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. One day is not enough to appreciate women for what they have done for the mankind, but it is still great to celebrate their spirit on International Women's Day. This day is celebrated on March 8 every year since 1911.

A woman of 2020 is not just a working professional, she is also a mother, wife, daughter, homemaker. A modern woman handles many roles at one go. But dear modern women, without a good health, you won't be able to achieve success in life. So, on this day let's take a pledge to focus on your health too. Below are some healthy choices which will empower you even more.

Choose a favourite workout

Stick to your workout routine, and if you haven't been able to then this is the right time to start. As you reach 30-40, your body stops functioning the way it used to be in your 20s. Therefore, sticking to an exercise that you love will help you stay in shape and will save you from health problems.

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Have a balanced diet

Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and wholegrains. They are rich in fibre, protein, and other vital nutrients that are beneficial for your health. Avoid added sugar as it has no essential nutrients and can increase the risk of chronic health issues like heart disease, obesity and more.

Meditate regularly

Meditation can offer a lot of health benefits. It helps in reducing stress levels and anxiety, improves focus and can even manage chronic pain. If you can include meditation in your daily habits, then it may also improve your sleep, help you lose weight and most importantly, boost your overall health and well-being.

Socialize more

Socializing here doesn't mean through digital means, but in person. Go out, meet people, have conversations and new experiences, this will not only help you de-stress (which is important for mental and heart health), but will also make you happier and sharpen your mind.

Keep a check on your health

Women, while taking care of others usually forget to keep a check on their health. Therefore, it is time that you figure out when you need to dial down your stress levels and start going for regular health check-ups. Also, your mental health plays a huge role in your overall wellbeing. So, if you've been dealing with psychological issues, don't ignore them get help.

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