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Boost your lung function amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with exercises

To save yourself from complications in case you get the infection, boost up your lung power with our tips and strength workouts. @Shutterstock

Doctors from Hong Kong say that people who recover from the novel coronavirus may still have reduced lung functions. Power up your lung function with the help of our video on strength training exercises and tips on breathing workouts.

Written by Jahnavi Sarma |Updated : April 21, 2020 8:14 AM IST

According to a survey by doctors from Hong Kong, 'people who recover from the novel coronavirus can still be left with substantially reduced lung functions'. Well, we all know that the COVID-19 infection primarily hits your lungs. So, you need to be extremely cautious about protecting them amidst this global pandemic. Certain strength and conditioning workouts will help you do just that. Watch our video to master them.


The Hong Kong Hospital Authority recently conducted a survey on the first wave of infected patients who were discharged from hospital. Doctors looked at a group of 12 patients who had recovered and found a 20 to 30 per cent decrease in lung capacity in two or three out of them. Walking briskly leads to gasping. Though doctors say that it is still too early to establish long-term effects of the illness, 'scans of nine patients in the group suggested that recovered patients had sustained organ damage'. In light of these findings, health tips from us will reveal how you can make your lungs stronger amidst the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Symptoms of the coronavirus include fever, breathlessness and a cough. It is deadly for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. To save yourself from complications in case you get the infection, boost up your lung power with our tips of the day. We share a few breathing exercises that will make your lungs stronger.

Breathe in, hold, breath out

Stand straight and maintain an upright posture. Slowly bed from your waist. Exhale and expel all air from your lungs. Return to starting position. Inhale deeply and fill your lung to maximum capacity. Lift your arms straight over your head and hold your breath for 20 seconds. Lower your arms as you exhale slowly to a count of 20. Do this at least 5 times twice a day.

Stretch your ribs

Stand straight and exhale till your lungs are empty. Inhale slowly and deeply. Hold your breathe for about 20 seconds. During this time, place your hands on your hips with your thumbs facing front and your little finger touching the small of your back. Exhale slowly to a count of 20 and relax. Repeat 5 times twice a day.

Abdominal Breathing

Lie down on your back and place one and on your abdomen. Put your other hand on your chest. Inhale deeply through the nose and feel your abdomen expanding. The hand on your stomach must rise higher than the one on your chest. Hold your breath as long as possible and then exhale slowly from the mouth while squeezing your abdominal muscles. This will ensure that you empty your lungs of all air. Do this 5 times.

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