Dill seed tea -- the best home remedy to deal with acidity

Taking antacids for combating acidity is not a good idea. Try this simple and effective natural remedy for a change!

It s already two and you still haven t had your lunch and soon your stomach starts growling.

Its half past 11 and you are busy finishing your work. And by the time you have dinner, it s almost midnight.

If this is the case with you most of the time, you might not be new to experiencing acidity. Instead of investing in those colourful syrups to combat acidity, drinking a glass of dill tea every morning might do the trick for offering relief. Also, healthy snacking every three hours and having your meals on time is the key to preventing acidity in the long run. Here are 10 simple changes to prevent acidity and heartburn.

How it works?

Dill seeds or leaves exert a soothing and calming effect on the stomach, thereby relieving acidity. It contains volatile oils that stimulate the production of saliva and also aids in dealing with gastric troubles like heartburn and gas. Moreover, it also calms the irritated stomach lining caused due to acidity and hence, aids in healing stomach ulcers. It not only acts as a laxative but also improves the overall functioning of the digestive system, thereby aiding in digestion. You can also try these 10 home remedies for acidity for quick relief!

How to use it?

To deal with acidity and prevent indigestion, you can start adding dill seeds while cooking food. However, to relieve acidity, drink three cups of dill tea a day for effective results. Here s how to prepare it:

  • Add two teaspoons of finely crushed dill seeds to a cup of boiling water.
  • Steep it for around 10 minutes, until it starts boiling.
  • Strain and drink it. Do this at least thrice a day to relieve acidity naturally.

If the condition is quite frequent and you fail to show any signs of improvement even after a week, consult a doctor to known the exact cause of acidity and get treated. Because acidity can be due to various health problems. Click on the link to know the causes of acidity.


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