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Digital monitor for blood pressure: How to take accurate BP readings

If you are using digital BP monitor, here are 3 expert tips you must to follow.

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Published : December 18, 2017 10:04 AM IST

If you have a person suffering from hypertension at home, then investing in a digital blood pressure monitor to check BP is a good idea. Before buying one, you might have done your bit of research on what is the best one -- including the brand, price and reliability. And if you have already bought one, then you must read the instructions on the pamphlet carefully about how to use it. While measuring blood pressure, you need to place the cuff above the elbow joint on the arm and make sure that the wire that joins the cuff and the machine is in the front along the inner side of your elbow down to your wrist. But there is more to know about how to take readings on digital BP monitor. Dr Ravindra Ingale, Consultant Physician, Wockhardt hospital and Chaitanya Clinic, Vashi shares 3 tips you need to follow while checking the blood pressure the next time on a digital BP machine. Also read about Digital BP monitor, blood pressure app or traditional sphygmomanometer Which one is the best?

#1. Always ignore the first reading of the day that you take on your digital monitor machine. This reading might not be accurate and hence, the chances of giving you a high reading or low reading are very high.

#2. Whenever you take readings on digital BP monitor, take two to three readings and note down the one that is consistent as your final reading. Most BP machines give fluctuating readings and hence, taking the average or two consistent ones into account can give you reliable readings.

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#3. Digital monitors are calibrated at the time of manufacturing. So to know if your reading is close to the one measured at a doctor's clinic, check your BP readings prior to visiting a doctor. And then match it with that observed by the digital machine to know the difference. Hence, from the next time onwards you can know the rate at which the machine is fluctuating and calculate the readings accordingly. Also, read what is the right time to check blood pressure?

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