Dietary guidelines for TB patients

Dietary guidelines for TB patients
You should eat fruits like cherries and blueberries if you are suffering from tuberculosis. © Shutterstock

Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease that affects millions across the globe. However, with the advancement of medical science, the condition can be cured now. A well-balanced diet will help you to speed up your recovery. Here, we tell you what you should eat.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Updated : September 30, 2018 2:21 PM IST

An infectious disease that usually affects the lungs is known as tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is the second biggest killer, globally. Amongst the women in the age group of 15 to 44, TB is among the top 3 causes of death and it can spread through the air, from person to person. It can also spread to other parts of your body like the brain and spine. Bacteria called Mycobacterium can lead to TB.

You may exhibit symptoms like chest pain, chills, fever, night sweats, weight loss, loss of appetite, fatigue and so on. You may suffer from tuberculosis if you come in contact with the person suffering from it. Along with the medications you will have to even follow a healthy diet. You should avoid eating spicy, oily and junk food which can irritate your lungs. Furthermore, you should cut down on smoking and alcohol if you suffer from this deadly disease. Read on to know more about the foods which you should eat if you have tuberculosis.

  • Do you know that dark-coloured greens are beneficial for you if you are suffering from TB? Include veggies like kale and spinach in your diet right away!
  • You should eat foods which are rich in antioxidants and are bright in colour. Opt for carrot, tomatoes, cherries, blueberries and so on.
  • You should have olive oil or vegetable oil which have unsaturated fats.
  • You should increase our water intake. It will help you to eliminate the toxins from your body.
  • You can also opt for toned milk and cut which will improve your gut health.

A word of caution: Consult your specialist before regarding the right diet you should follow. If you are allergic to any food item, inform your expert regarding it. Following a nutritious diet is the need of the hour for those who are suffering from tuberculosis.

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