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Diet Tip #18: Eat dry fruits to beat stress

Diet Tip #18: Eat dry fruits to beat stress

Suffering from high levels of stress? Consume the amazing dry fruits to drive that away! Read to find out more..

Written by Adil Dolani |Updated : September 25, 2014 4:27 PM IST

Dry fruitsThese crunchy dry fruit variants can single-handedly control your stress levels and prevent them from shooting through the roof. Dry fruits like cashew nuts, pistachios, and almonds are a good source of healthy fatty acids that can protect you from the unwanted effects of stress on your body. They are generally high in vitamins E and B which help in lowering blood pressure, which tends to rise with stress. They also provide you with a good amount of energy, helping you stay active. So, whenever you start to feel stressed out just reach out for a handful of dry fruits.

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