New smart patch to help you manage diabetes better

New smart patch to help you manage diabetes better
Type 2 Diabetes: Consuming too much sugar can cause and insulin resistance, both of which are risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

Very soon, you may have a new smart patch device that will take nutritional readings after being placed on your arm. This will help you intervene early on to bring down your risk of diabetes. Read on to know about other lifestyle modifications that will help.

Written by Jahnavi Sarma |Updated : April 28, 2020 3:00 PM IST

Diabetes has assumed epidemic proportions today and, according to reports, pre-diabetes affects more than 350 million people globally. If early interventions are not taken, almost 70 per cent people with pre-diabetes go on to develop type 2 diabetes. This is easily preventable with lifestyle and dietary changes. Now, according to Australian researchers, diabetics will soon have a smart patch device that will help them monitor their health at a 'molecular level'. This is being jointly developed by tech start-up Nutromics, with RMIT University, Griffith University and manufacturer Romar Engineering. The device will also help in the prevention of the disease. While there are many devices that can track heart rates and step counts in watches and cell phones, this is the first time that researchers have delved deeper and are trying to develop a wearable device that can measure 'dietary biomarkers' in the body. The device will then send the nutritional information to an app. This data will let users see how their bodies respond to different foods and help them to personalize their diets to bring down the risk of diabetes.

About the patch

Touted as the 'world-first personalized nutrition wearable,' the patch is attached to a user's arm. It combines a 'complex sensing platform and stretchable electronics', according to researchers, that targets precise dietary biomarkers that drive lifestyle-related diseases like type 2 diabetes. The patch will basically work as a biochemical indicator of dietary intake and nutritional status, or an index of nutrient metabolism. In simple words, the smart patch device will take nutritional readings after being placed on a user's arm. Till now, a doctor had to take samples of blood, red blood cells, plasma, serum, nails, saliva, feces and tissues to test for dietary biomarkers.

Implication for diabetics

Most people want to make healthy food choices. But they often get confused with conflicting nutrition advice. But with this device, they can now plan their diet according to what suits them. This will help them live a better and healthier life. They will also be able to bring down their risk of type 2 diabetes with early intervention.

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Bring down your risk of diabetes with lifestyle modifications

You can bring down your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by making a few lifestyle changes. The new smart patch will also help you here by pointing you in the right direction. Food plays a very important role in the development of many diseases and diabetes is no different. What you eat can increase or lower your risk of this disease. A healthy and balanced diet helps. Moreover, what suits others may not be suitable for you. So, wearing this patch will also actually help you phase out undesirable foods from your diet. But there are a few nutritional rules that will definitely help you lower your risk of this disease. Have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. Protein is important and for this you can go for lean meat and fatty fish, lentils and legumes, cottage cheese and tofu. Have whole wheat and brown rice and avoid refined foods. Follow all this with an active lifestyle and you will be lowering your risk of diabetes significantly.