Is Wine Healthy? Drinking 2 Glasses Can Push Over Your Recommended Daily Sugar Limit

Is Wine Healthy? Drinking 2 Glasses Can Push Over Your Recommended Daily Sugar Limit
Is Wine Healthy? Drinking 2 Glasses Can Push Over Recommended Your Daily Sugar Limit

Do you drink more than two glasses of wine every day? A new study has found that drinking more than two glasses of wine can cross your daily sugar intake.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : February 17, 2022 2:15 PM IST

When it comes to advising type 2 diabetes patients on whether or not to drink alcohol, doctors have been in a conundrum. Moderate drinking has been demonstrated to lower the risk of heart disease, which would help diabetics who are already at a higher risk. People with diabetes, on the other hand, have long been encouraged to limit their alcohol consumption in order to better control their blood sugar levels. But a group of researchers has warned that drinking two glasses of wine in one day can cause you to exceed the recommended daily sugar intake.

How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

According to reports, the Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA), which includes over 60 health organisations, examined the calorie and sugar content of 30 bottles of red, white, rose, fruit, and sparkling wine available in the UK.

According to the findings, not only was there a broad range of sugar and calorie content among wines but consumers were also kept in the dark about what they were drinking because critical information was absent from most labels. The investigation stated that consumer information was "woefully inadequate."

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Adults should take no more than 30g of so-called free sugars per day, according to government standards. According to the AHA study, consuming two medium glasses of wine provided nearly the entire quantity.

The More The Wine, The Higher The Calories

But it wasn't just the sugar level that was excessive; the study found that just two medium-sized glasses of the most calorie-dense wines had more calories than a burger. AHA states that several of the most sugar-laden wines had the lowest alcohol strength, but wines with high-calorie content tended to be higher strength drinks.

Drinkers may choose lower-strength alcohol thinking it is a healthier alternative because there is no legal requirement to indicate sugar content on alcohol labels, but they may inadvertently be increasing their daily sugar intake, according to the analysis. None of the 30 products investigated in the study had sugar content listed on their labels, which is required for all non-alcoholic beverages. Only 20 per cent of the labels evaluated had the calorie content displayed.

How To Drink Responsibly?

If you can't do without alcohol, here are some tips to do it the right way and reduce any kind of health risk:

  • Make sure you talk to your doctor to know if there is any interaction warning for any medication you are taking
  • Know how your body reacts to alcohol by monitoring your blood sugar levels. Check blood glucose before drinking and after you drink to make sure that they are manageable.
  • Avoid drinking on an empty stomach as it can lower your glucose levels

Of course, wine is not the only way to increase your blood pressure levels. It is crucial that you have a healthy diet, avoid smoking, keep your weight in check and exercise regularly to make sure your blood sugar levels are in control.

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