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Health Tech: Gadgets that have made life easier for people with diabetes

Smart pen offers all the memory capability of a pump, without tethering you to your device.

Diabetes occurs when our body produces less or no insulin. Advancement in technology has significantly improved treatment of diabetes. Here are some innovative devices used to treat diabetes-

Written by Longjam Dineshwori |Published : March 25, 2020 8:39 PM IST

Worldwide, about 422 million people are living with diabetes, particularly in low-and middle-income countries. It is also the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 1.6 million deaths each year. Unfortunately, both the number of cases and the prevalence of diabetes are increasing every year, says WHO.

Diabetes is a chronic, metabolic disease characterized by elevated levels of blood glucose (or blood sugar). It occurs when our body produces less or no insulin. There are two main types of diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. Over time diabetes can lead to serious damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves.

With the improvement in technology, there are significant improvements in the methods and techniques to manage and treat diabetes. Below are 5 new gadgets that have made life easier for people with diabetes.

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Implantable Sensor

If you're a diabetes patient, you may be familiar with frequent needle sticks. Blood sugar testing is a critical part of diabetes management. And for that diabetes patients need to stick their finger several times a day to collect blood samples. Now this is a thing of the past. Continuous glucose monitoring, or CGM, measures your blood sugar every few minutes via a tiny sensor inserted under your skin. It then sends the results wirelessly to a pump, smartphone, or other device.

Automated Insulin pumps

Taking too much insulin or other medicines can cause a big drop in your blood sugar level, which could be life-threatening. Insulin Pump with Basal-IQ Technology can predict your blood sugar levels and stop insulin delivery when it senses a fall.

Automated insulin pumps also called an artificial pancreas acts more like your real organ. The pump uses an algorithm to determine your insulin requirement to lower your blood sugar to a target range. It then automatically delivers the correct dose to keep your blood sugar steady day and night.

Smart Pens

This gadget will do away with the need for you to remain connected to an insulin pump. Connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app, and this smart pen can keep track of your insulin dose and timing. It also helps calculate the right dose of insulin for you. What's more, you can share your dosing history with your doctor.

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