Dengue Havoc In West Bengal: Cases Increased Upto 7 Times In August

There has been a record increase in dengue cases in West Bengal in August. Dengue cases have been reported seven times more in August this year than last year.

Corona cases in West Bengal are under control to some extent, but dengue cases have increased almost seven times in West Bengal by the first week of August compared to last year. In addition, at least eleven metropolia have been recognised where fever patients have increased. According to the state health department, around 500 dengue cases were detected in the previous year until August. However, the number has risen to 3,000 this year during the same period.

Dengue Cases Increased In Kolkata

The health department has identified the illnesses in Kolkata, Panihati, Bidhannagar, Titagarh, Bali, Asansol, Kamarhati, Siliguri and Englishbazar areas proliferated. In addition, at least 13 wards have been identified by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation as being highly dengue prone. It has also asked private hospitals and laboratories to submit the data.

Report By Health Department

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HK Dwivedi Chief Secretary presented a report to the Health Department emphasising the communities across the state where dengue cases have broken records in the last five years. Per a health department official, the highest number of cases between January and August was approximately 100 in 2017. This year it has increased to 768. For the last five years, other communities where records have been broken are Hooghly, Howrah, Malda and Birbhum.

Malaria Cases Increased With Dengue

  • According to the National Executive of the National Medical Organization, along with dengue, malaria cases have increased in Bengal, but dengue cases have increased more. The increase of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue is expected in the rains because their fertility increases in clean water during the rainy season.
  • In such a situation, we must be very cautious and maintain cleanliness in and around the house. It also needs to be taken care that there's no stagnant water anywhere. However, according to the Health Department, the situation is under control as per State health secretary NS Nigam "The patients have grown, but they have not reached a scary level."

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