Tried and tested DIY cough and cold home remedy for winter

Suffer from frequent bouts of cough and cold? Try this quick and easy home remedy for cough and cold using just 2 ingredients.

Winter means season changes, temperature drop, rise of particulate matter and smog and infections. Even if you have strong immunity and you are eating foods to build your immunity, winter is a season when you re likely to get at least one bout of cough, cold and congestion. There are some home remedies for cough and cold that you can try. But apart from these, you can t really expect a miracle concoction or medicine that will help you get rid of your sniffles. But there are things you can do to lessen your discomfort during the time you re sick. Most of us have grown up applying and massaging vapor rub to beat cough and cold. While synthetic vapor rubs sold in most chemist shops may be effective for some, for those of who prefer to go completely, there are a number of DIY homemade vapor rubs.

Apart from a popular brand of vapor rub available in the market, my mother always makes and applies this special oil that she would make with a couple of ingredients every time someone in the house came down with a cold, cough and congestion. This is easy and quick to make. Here are hygiene tips to prevent cough and cold.


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tsp organic coconut oil

2 pellets of camphor

A couple of drops of essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, sandalwood etc.


1) Heat coconut oil. Make sure you don t heat it for too long, else it will catch fire. Take it off the flame once it is hot enough.

2) Crush some camphor pellets into this and mix.

3) Add a drop of essential oil. If you want to use for your kids, make sure you don t use any oils that your kids are sensitive to.

4) When the oil is warm and not too hot, apply it in a circular motion on the chest, neck and throat, and massage.

5) Make sure you don t apply this anywhere near the nose or mouth. Camphor should not be ingested. So keep it away from kids.

Before adding essential oils, make sure you or your kids are not allergic to the ingredients.

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