Chew some pumpkin seeds to control diabetes and blood pressure

Wondering how to manage your hypertension & diabetes? Snack on these wonder seeds!

Diabetes and hypertension come with many dietary restrictions as you can't eat food that spikes your blood glucose and blood pressure levels. And these two diseases together make a deadly combination. You can't just snack on any junk food you fancy, as anything that is high in salt or has a high glycemic index is a strict no-no.

So, if you are looking for something crunchy to snack on and don't want it to be junk, munch on some pumpkin seeds. A handful of them in between meals provide your body with many benefits and also have an anti-diabetic and an anti-hypertensive effect. Here are home remedies for diabetes that really work!

Pumpkin seeds and blood pressure

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If you have been eating anti-hypertensive medicines or find it difficult to control your blood pressure levels, pumpkin seed oil is the natural remedy you must opt for. According to a study, pumpkin seeds have the property of lowering your blood pressure levels and also regulating other functions of the heart. Apart from lowering your blood pressure, pumpkin seeds are also good for your heart. Pumpkin seeds generate nitric oxide that helps in stabilising the heart-rate variability and regulate other pathological changes in the heart when the patient suffers from a heart disease.[1]

Pumpkin seeds and diabetes

If you have been trying to control your diabetes, supplement your diet with some pumpkin seeds. A study has proven that a mixture of pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds can control certain enzyme levels produced during diabetes and prevent diabetes from worsening.[2] Here are healthy snacks for diabetes to keep blood sugar stable all day long!


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