Common causes of muscle weakness

Muscle weakness, is a reduction in the strength of one or more muscles to perform their function. When one suffers from this condition, it reduces the force by which a muscle can exert itself no matter how much one may try. Therefore, over a period of time, the muscle becomes abnormal.

Listed below are some of the common causes of muscle weakness:

Inactive lifestyle

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If there is a lack of muscle fitness, high chances are that it will lead to muscle weakness. When you do not use your muscles, the muscle fibres eventually get replaced with fat and then lead to muscle wasting. This results in your muscles becoming more floppy and less chunky. Therefore, when this occurs, one is prone to getting tired more easily and is not able to do things with relative ease. However, the condition can be reversed if you take precautions and engage in regular exercise before it becomes worse with age.

Therefore, it is always important to remain fit no matter your age. It should be noted that recovering from a muscle injury does become harder when you age. A well-planned and sensible workout regime is a must. Also, you should heed the advice given by fitness experts to prevent injuries while training. (Read: 18 causes of muscle weakness)


Infections and illnesses are common causes of muscle fatigue. This usually occurs as a result of muscle inflammation. Although recovery does take place, if the inflammation is quite severe, it could lead to prolonged weakness. The illnesses which are prone to cause weakness include influenza, glandular fever, HIV, Lyme disease and hepatitis C.


The period during and after a pregnancy can cause a person to experience weakness owing to high steroid levels in the blood, along with the possibility of less iron causing anaemia. These conditions more often than not lead to weakness. While it is advised to engage in some light exercise, pregnant women should exercise caution. The weight that you carry in the front can result in lower back pain if you overdo the exercises, leading to an altered posture. Here's an exercise guide for all semesters of pregnancy.

Apart from these, there could be other more serious diseases which could cause muscle weakness. Please see your doctor if it prevents you from going about your day-to-day activities.

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