Chew on this: Don’t just swallow your food

Do you thinking chewing your food 32 times is just a big waste of time? Read on to know why you shouldn't just swallow your food.

The first step of the digestive process is chewing. If the first step is wrong, the whole process will take a hit. It is recommended that you chew your food at least 32 times before sending it down the food pipe. This is done so that the food loses its texture and breaks down. This makes it easy for your body to digest it. But 32 is just an average number. The number of times you chew will change with food texture. If it is soft, the number of chews reduces and, if the food is hard, then the number increases. The number of times you may chew also changes with the size of the bite you take. People who take too big or too small bites often develop the habit of swallowing. Another mistake that people make while eating is drinking water. Do not drink water while you are eating as this will only make you swallow and reduce chewing time.

The best way of chewing food is to take normal bites. Also, close your lips, use your tongue to move the food in your mouth, chew 32 times and swallow it only if you feel that the texture of the food is now broken. Here are some benefits you will see in your body if you make this a habit.

It helps in weight loss

Do you want to lose weight by eating? If you chew your food properly, then you can take out more calories from the food. This will fill your stomach and make sure you don't overeat. If you are trying to lose weight, chew your food slowly. The speed of chewing also plays an important role in food intake. If you chew slowly, you will feel more satisfied. It reduces chances of choking. Sending big chunks of food to the oesophagus can cause blockage in the food pipe and cause choking. People have died by choking on their own food. If you want to avoid this, start chewing your food.

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It will hydrate you

If you are feeling dehydrated and hungry, always try to chew as much as you can. Our oesophagus becomes weak without water. Chewing will help you extract the water elements in your food and help you with dehydration.

It makes food tastier

Chewing food is responsible for releasing flavour in the food. The longer you chew, the more aroma and flavours you will experience. This improves your ability to appreciate a food item.

It prevents acid reflux

If you don't follow the natural process of the digestive system, chances are that the digestive system will get confused. Swallowing leads to release of certain enzymes that may not be required by the system. These unwanted enzymes cause acid reflux, bloating and diarrhoea.

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