Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, And Unprotected Sex Increase Cancer Risk Worldwide: The Lancet

Causes Of Cancer: Cigarettes, Alcohol, And High BMI Become The Main Cause Of Cancer

Nowadays, the disease of cancer is becoming prevalent, and the reason behind it is not going unnoticed. A recent study has revealed that smoking, drinking, and high BMI are cancer's leading causes. Yes, it would seem that these are widespread reasons, whereas today's lifestyle is related to these things only. So let us understand in depth why these reasons have been described as the leading cause of cancer.

Excessive Consumption Of Alcohol

According to the study, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol are among the leading causes of death from cancer worldwide. According to a study published in the research journal 'Lancet', smoking, alcohol consumption, and high body mass index (BMI) were responsible for the deaths of about 44.5 lakh people globally in 2019. BMI is a measure in which leanness and obesity are measured based on the weight and height of a person.

Cancer Proliferated Between 2010-2019

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  • IHME's (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) Director Christopher Murray at the University of Washington in the US said the study shows that cancer risk is a significant public health challenge and is increasing worldwide. "Smoking remains a major risk factor for cancer globally," said study co-senior author Murray.
  • Using the results of the 'Global Burden of Disease, Injury and Risk Factors (GBD) 2019 study, researchers examined how 34 behavioural, environmental and occupational risk factors contributed to death from 23 types of cancer in 2019.
  • In addition, due to these dangerous factors, how many effects of cancer were between 2010 and 2019 and how it increased it was also assessed.

Smoking: A Major Risk Factor For Cancer Globally

The study shows that 50.6 per cent of the total male cancer patients, i.e. the deaths of about 28,00,000 (2.88 million) men result from these dangerous factors. In addition, the researchers said that smoking, excessive alcohol use and high BMI are the causes of cancer deaths and deteriorating health of women and men worldwide.

The researchers said that factors such as tobacco and alcohol consumption, unprotected sex and dietary exposure were responsible for the increasing cases of cancer globally.

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