Cancer Survivors: Understand The Role Of Customized Nutrition In Cancer Recovery

Cancer centres around the world are recognizing the need for customised nutrition-based therapies for cancer patients.

Research has shown that making heathy lifestyle changes during and after cancer treatment, including eating well, helps speed up recovery, build back your strength, reduce complications, as well as prevent a recurrence or a second cancer. But everyone's nutrition needs are different, and thus comes the need for customised nutrition during cancer recovery.

Customised nutrition-based cancer therapies have proven to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment, help patients heal better and improve their quality of life.

To better understand the role of customized nutrition in cancer recovery, we connected with Samara Mahindra, Founder and CEO of CARER, India's first personalised integrative oncology company that provides customised nutrition-based cancer therapies. Experts follow:

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Q.1 What does it mean by integrative oncology?

Ans. Integrative oncology is the use of non-clinical therapies along with conventional forms of treatment, it adds significant value to the field of cancer medicine, especially in the areas of survivorship and palliative care, and the field is growing in importance. Cancer centres around the world are recognizing its need.

CARER was started as an integrative platform to provide all the resources one might need to manage cancer effectively. Along the way, we came to realise the urgent need for personalised cancer care that is delivered with a human touch. By 2019, CARER grew to offer its own team of highly skilled cancer nutritionists, yoga practitioners, physiotherapists, and mental health counsellors. With their combined expertise and experience, the platform evolved into a structured, scientifically validated program widely supported by oncologists and medical institutions.

Today, CARER is India's first personalised integrative oncology care company that provides customised nutrition-based cancer therapies proven to improve the quality of life of patients by decreasing the side effects of cancer treatment and helping them heal better. These programs help manage the side effects, improve response to treatment, and quality of life. This has allowed us to work closely with cancer groups, oncologists, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies as well. This program is created for all cancer patients who are going through treatment and post-treatment. Patients and caretakers who seek additional cancer therapy and are looking for natural alternatives such as Ayurvedic treatment will find this program to be a more viable option that is holistic, structured, and backed by scientific evidence.

Q.2 Why is customised nutrition important for patients recovering from cancer?

Ans. The customised cancer nutrition provides access to a customised diet plan and personal session with an Onco Clinical Nutritionist. Conventional treatment methods that are intended to eliminate cancer cells often take away the good with the bad. With proof that cancer is a lifestyle-related condition, CARER's cancer nutrition and customised integrative therapies are aimed at resolving the root cause of the disease through three key areas Clinical Nutrition, Movement & Meditation, Mental Well-Being, and tailored nutrition is the key.

Q.3 What are the common side effects of cancer treatment? How customised nutrition-based therapies help reduce these side effects?

Ans. Every patient's reaction to treatment is unique. No one can predict which side effects will affect a patient or how severe they might be. We analyse the case before we give them any advice, related to their nutrition, physical and mental health. The behaviour of cancer and its response to treatment can vary widely.

Q.4 What, according to you, is the most significant impact of integrative oncology in cancer care?

Ans. This program is the foundation of CARER and has proven to substantially improve multiple parameters that help patients manage cancer and increase survival. Over here you get customary diet plans, access to your personal Onco Clinical Nutritionist, and physical and mental well-being therapies. A holistic and comprehensive approach to healing that has benefited thousands.

Samara cited that the CARER programs have been tested and proven to work across 43 cancer types and integrates outcomes and learnings from 500+ patients with data driven and focus on increasing treatment adherence and response to treatment.

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