4 reasons why you may get ovarian cancer that you should know

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Do not let ovarian cancer snatch away your life. Learn about the causes that can make ovarian cancer occur to you, know about its symptoms and detect it early.

Although ovarian cancer is not that common compared to other kinds of cancer like breast and lung. The American Cancer Society estimate shows that only 1 in 78 women is at a risk of developing ovarian cancer compared to 1 in 8 women at a risk of having breast cancer. However, ovarian cancer is most fatal and is the fifth leading cause of deaths due to cancer among women, say doctors. If you are thinking why so, you have the answer right here. Doctors say that most women fail to recognise the symptoms at an early stage, thereby making it difficult to detect the condition early. There's another bad news here. According to doctors, we are yet to completely decipher the causes that lead to ovarian cancer. Here is a list of these causes that will help you gather more knowledge on this deadly kind of cancer.

Inherited genetic mutation: According to experts, if you inherit genetic mutations from your parents at birth, you may be at a higher risk of getting ovarian cancer. These genetic mutations include BRCA1, BRCA2 and Lynch syndrome. Researches show that women with a BRCA1 mutation have 44% chance of getting ovarian cancer, those with BRCA2 mutation have 17% chance and those with Lynch syndrome are at 6 to 8% chance of having ovarian cancer. These mutations also up the chance of getting skin, breast, pancreatic and prostate cancers.

Family history: This is something which is uncontrollable and if you are unlucky, you nwill get affected by a family history of ovarian cancer. You may not have an inherited genetic mutation, but you are at a higher risk of getting ovarian cancer in case two or more close relatives have ovarian cancer.

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Growing older: Age is an important marker when it comes to ovarian cancer. Most women diagnosed with an ovarian cancer are 63-year-old or are older. Reason, the longer you live, the more your cells will divide, and you may have more chances of developing a genetic mutation that can cause ovarian cancer. Doctors say that when you are younger, your body has the capacity to repair these genetic mutations and overcome them, thereby helping you to avoid the risk of getting ovarian cancer.

Overweight: If you are overweight, you will have fatty tissues, and these will generate more hormones like oestrogen. Excessive generation of oestrogen in older women, especially after menopause, makes them more prone to developing ovarian cancer.

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