Can Type 1 diabetes be reversed? (Diseases query of the day)

Find out what you can do to reverse type 1 diabetes.

Reverse diabetesHi, I am suffering from Type 1 diabetes and am on insulin. I read somewhere that latest research has proved that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. What about Type 1 diabetes? Can it be reversed too?

Type I diabetes is a disorder where insulin is not produced at all, or very little is produced. According to research, it has been found that infants who are fed animal milk at an early age instead of their mother's milk are more likely to develop this type of diabetes. In some people, the protein in the cow's milk stimulates production of antibodies, which are basically fighter proteins produced by the immune system with the intention of fighting the proteins from milk. However, since pancreatic cells are structurally similar to the milk proteins, these antibodies destroy the pancreatic cells instead. This reduces the insulin-producing capacity of these cells leading to Type 1 diabetes. Other factors like certain chemicals or medications can reduce this capacity too. Although some cases of type 1 diabetes cannot be reversed, most cases can be reversed over a period of time, resulting in a reduction in or altogether elimination of insulin requirement. (Read: 'Diabetes can be reversed')

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